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    Re: New Indy Jones Movie

    Originally posted by Marlow
    It will make a ton'o'money, but it is soooo exactly what-we've-seen-before. It's the Baby Boomers' edition of Indy. Everyone is old I keep cringing every time he fell - I was sure a hip was gonna go any second. I liked the Indy series, but this one was actually kinda sad, like when boxers hang on too long and just get pummeled.

    Iron Man was 20 times better than this.

    Non-boomers have neither the money nor the inclination to spend it on these things.

    Last few issues of Rolling Stone: covers had 1. Eagles; 2. Look back at 2007 montage; 3. Rolling Stones; and sometime before that, Springsteen.

    Still like RS, but simple economics: the cover image sells the mag and the covers are aimed at the folks with money to spend. Same with the "guarantee" of x-amount of $ in the first weekend to make a movie financially worth making.

    If in doubt, go "old."


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      Originally posted by Marlow
      C'mon, Hammy, ol' buddy, climb in - we'll get there yet!!!!!!!!!
      Dude, I've been there for quite some time. You have some catching up to do . . .