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    [quote=bad hammy][quote="Cooter Brown":x4me1z1z]There's an electric/gas hybrid engine developed by a company in WA that gets around 150MPH and near 400 miles per charge. It takes 4 hours to charge on a 220v plug or 8-10 hours on a 110v. All Big 3 automotive engineers LOVE it but they can't get management to buy off on licensing it to put in their cars because its lifespan is 150,000 miles before the battery has to be replaced. No US car marker wants to lengthen the time between car purchases. Supposedly the company is looking at alternative methods of selling their engine...maybe retrofitting existing cars since their test vehicles are off-the-lot American cars already.[/quote]

    Very interesting. Someone should slap Detroit silly for ignoring this . . .[/quote:x4me1z1z]


    Yes, someone should slap Detroit. Ignoring this type of technology is not only hurting the auto industry but is seriously damaging the entire country.

    The US government should be leaning on Detroit to expore these types of things. But instead they want more drilling....

    It is very frustrating to have to sit back and watch the country being severely damaged when the solution is out there.

    Where is the leadership? Oh yea, pushing for more domestic drilling.