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    Re: Your Dad

    Originally posted by bambam

    Squackee - I was sorry to read your post as well. But from your posts on this board, knowing you a bit from them, I have a feeling your son will say that to you someday.
    He will probably add something about his dad being crazy (but in a good way) too. :lol: :wink:

    From all accounts Squack is the kinda dad any kid would love to have.

    He gives very cool presents too.

    Anyway I know I made some side comments about some of the posters here and I am sorry because I think we should keep this thread about fathers. It has been so positive thus far. Maybe commnets like the ones I made could go on some other thread?

    Let's not ruin bambam's.


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      I just think it is so gutsy and honest for some of our members in this club to come forth with their hearts and let their guard down with emotional memories of their father. I was afraid a troll or some negative nay-sayer would find this opportunity to pounce and they did.

      Why go through life so negative. Why assume the worst. I just dont see what that gets ZZ. Neither one of us knows if Zatopek's memories are true. Why assume they are not? Why? :?


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        My Dad lurks around this board, so...

        I was talking to him on Sunday and told him of a book I'd just finished. I thought he'd enjoy it and recommended he read it. He replied that he doesn't have much time because, " I'm down the track or gym every morning or afternoon. Then I have to do my shopping, clean the house, make my lunch and dinner, do my washing, read the BBC and The Times online. Anyway I have tendency to doze off when I'm reading these days. I'll make a note and read it when I retire from athletics in a few years and have more time." He'll be 88 in November...

        A couple of years ago he mentioned his back was bothering him. I asked how he'd hurt it and he replied, "Jumping off the back of a truck in Libya in 1942. Never been the same since."

        Last November we were at AIS in Canberra and were heading over to the track. A girl walked past in athletic kit, smiled and said hi. He did a bit of a double take and said, "Nice looking bird. Wonder what event she does?" "Dad, that was Tamsyn Lewis".

        I remember visiting him in hospital when we lived in Hong Kong. He'd had the cartilage removed from his knee. When I was a little older he told me how he'd torn it, "Playing a bar game with some visiting Aussies in the Officer's Mess. We'd draw two lines on the bar floor under the ceiling fan. Then someone would chuck an empty beer can into the fan and there was a mass scrum and fight to retrieve the can. Unfortunately I got there first and all the Aussies landed on top off me. The Aussies are all right though, I've got on well them since I was in North Africa in the War. A group of them came back to our base drunk once when I was in charge of the guard. When we challenged them they told us to **** off and called us pommie bastards. I ordered the guard to fix bayonets then told the Aussies to come and try it. After a minute we all had a good laugh and got on famously the rest of the time there".

        In the 1990's, when he was still in the UK and involved with the national coaching set-up, he called me after returning from a meet in Europe with a group of HJers. "Had a great time but I can barely walk. Buggered up my knees". "How did you do that?". "Well, we'd had a few and I found myself cossack dancing with Juantorena and Sotomayor"


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          Thanx Mark, are you sure this isnt from some fabulous British movie script?


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            Originally posted by SQUACKEE
            Originally posted by Zat0pek
            Originally posted by zzbottom
            I'm speaking a truth which is ostensibly beyond your capacity to comprehend based on your defensive response...
            No, you speak from utter and complete ignorance because you disrespected my late father, a man whom you never met and do not know.
            I think the many guys with so-so dads are not posting . The few who posted in this thread are most likely very sincere.
            There are other alternatives as well, like not opening every thread which is posted.


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              Originally posted by SQUACKEE
              Neither one of us knows if Zatopek's memories are true. Why assume they are not? Why? :?
              They're true.