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  • CBC - Olympic Alert

    If you have access to the CBC, there is a one-hour special on this evening, entitled Beijing Preview, starting at 9:00 pm, local time.
    Friday morning, the Opening Ceremonies will be shown, 4:00 am Pacific, or 8:00 am Atlantic, or somewhere in between, if you're not on an Ocean.
    (unless it's the Arctic of course)
    Starting at 3:00 pm Pacific on Friday afternoon, there is almost 24/7 coverage throughout the weekend, starting with an Encore of the Opening, and including Beach Volleyball, Cycling Road-Race, Gymnastics, Rowing,
    Swimming, Soccer, Volleyball, etc., etc. Not included is Sleeping
    It's a good weekend to be an Olympianado, eh!

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    Figures. The one channel worth watching, and DirecTV doesn't carry it. Instead, I get 130 shopping channels and infomercials. Life is truly unfair.


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      I am soooo excited. Giggly, hyper excited!!!!!


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        The CBC Beijing Preview is brilliant - spine-tingling...
        Because I am on the dish (starchoice), I just watched on CBC Halifax, now I am watching on CBC Toronto, and I will watch again on CBC Calgary, and then CBC Vancouver. Absolutely 1st class tele-journalism!
        Then I have to figure out how to chill for about 6 hours until the Opening Ceremonies. This is great stuff!


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          I can't wait to see it. Is it worth recording?

          CBC's Newsworld stories have been brillant as well. So much more in depth and though provoking than what I see on other channels that shall remain nameless.

          IF you can get CBC watch it-the best Olympic coverage out there! 8-) 8-)

          (maybe even better than BBC!). Blasphemous I know. :wink:


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            Originally posted by mojo
            IF you can get CBC watch it-the best Olympic coverage out there! 8-) 8-)
            Fortunately we get NBC and they just passed $1 billion in advertising sales. So, I'm pretty sure we're going to get really good stuff.