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Circuit City Ad is a pain in the rump


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  • Circuit City Ad is a pain in the rump

    I like to be supportive of anyone who might advertise on this site, but every time my cursor gets near that banner it blows to half page and ticks me off.

    Maybe I'm all alone on that.

    Oh, current events. Hey, is there a major sporting event happening soon?

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    Re: Circuit City Ad is a pain in the rump

    Strange, I've never seen a circuit city one. There is an HBO one that enlarges though.

    I say let them earn as much cash as possible during the Olympics. We don't want to lose the website.


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      I agree, the Circuit City ad is far too aggressive and I have had to close it a couple times. They put the close button in the worst possible place too, making it difficult to click without opening the ad. Makes me NOT want to shop there at all.


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        working on it (not controlled out of our office)


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          Originally posted by gh
          working on it (not controlled out of our office)
          Appreciated. But I also echo the above comment about not wanting to take anything out of your coffers.

          I have noticed that the banners rotate and circuit city just happens to be the most aggressive.


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            Just a general comment unrelated to this board - I'm constantly amazed(and annoyed) at the ways site advertisers get around popup blockers. Two of the more annoying are the "floating" ad(almost impossible to hit the close button without expanding the ad) and the "peeler" ad that rips down from a corner of the website when you pass over it, expanding over half the page.

            I share walkandjog's sentiment, and often avoid using the services of companies that use these ads.

            I have not found the ads on this site to be obtrusive but that may be because my bookmark brings me straight into the boards.