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How to bet against someone NOT winning


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  • How to bet against someone NOT winning

    this is meant for non-americans who unfortunately because of dubya are not allowed to bet on foreign exchanges

    you can search thru site to get to athletics & bet to win (back) or lose(lay)

    interesing example is 100m where "lay" odds for the top 3 are

    bolt 2.54
    tyson 3.65
    safa 3.65

    useful if you can't pick a winner, but have strong feelings on who won't win

    e g

    - if you think bolt is too inexperienced for a 100m with rounds, "lay" him for 10 units, ensuring you have 25.4 units in the account to pay up if he wins - if he loses, you win 10 units

    - if you think safa is a choker or tyson too injured, lay either for 10 units, making sure you have 36.5 units funding & again win 10 units if your chosen guy loses

    ones that catch the eye are sotherton to lay for 5.9 ( don't think she has any chance of winning ) or the anti-blonska's for 4.9 or in 400w, if you think sanya is going to lose, but don't know whether it's going to be the 2 brits or novlene who'll beat her, you can lay her for 1.44