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NBC Camera/Production- Track v. Swimming


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  • NBC Camera/Production- Track v. Swimming

    Some on another thread (swim recordbr'k'g frequency compared w/ that in athletics) have stated their admiration of how swimming is videographed, citing the graphic WR "line", underwater shots, et al. I've long wondered if there wasn't a way a sprint relay in athletics could be shot so that bunched up runners (partic. first exchange and second leg) are easier to see. More cameras? Wider lens? It's tough enough to judge because of the stagger, but most t.v. coverage of meets doesn't help any.

    A moving WR graphic line is useless in track. I agree it would lend to false expectations from fans spoiled by a week of swim races. I noticed this: in the pool, the closer the shot of the swimmers, the more difficult it is to gauge speed (compared to what "the man/woman on the street could do"). On the track, the closer the camera, espec. when paralell to the sprinters, the easier it becomes to appreciate the speed and stride frequency. Think NBC coverage in Atl.- Bailey, Greene, Bolton, MJ, Fredericks and the like.

    Swimmers appear "faster" in overhead shots. I hope the TAF coverage next week is innovative. I'll be in Eastern Canada for about three nights of it, but will likely have access to CBC and NBC (although I was in Whistler during Perdita's week in '04, and I don't recall my hotel room having the NBC nightly coverage- though I'm sure it had MSNBC daytime events).

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    I think you'll get good coverage on both NBC and CBC, but mostly not live for track, other than the "Big" finals. Remember to check out the French Language coverage, which is shown across Canada. Although I have no proof of this, I'm still betting they will be featuring live coverage of Athletics, and not just Finals. At least, that is how it has been in previous Games.


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      CBC Coverage

      Thanks rasb.