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    Decathalon Brian Clay's Performance Simply Awesome

    Add to Paul's list below, the high jump, shot put, javelin, pole vault, and 1500 meters; and do all 10 events in two days and you will sense the awesome accomplishment of Decathalon Gold Medal Winner Brian Clay! His performance should be considered the greatest overall athletic accomplishment of the games.

    Originally posted by Paul Henry
    I dont think it is a fair parallel to make that Bolt or any other athlete for that matter would have to do the 110h, 100, 200, 400, relays, long jump to equate to what a Phelps can do in the pool. The talent and technique required to do various track and field disciplines are diverse compared to swimming notwithstanding the variou techniques and styles. Running a 100m flat vs running a 100m hurdles is so vastly different. Plus, it seems that is easier for swimmers (not only Phelps) to recover between races.

    In my opinion running the 100 and 200 and 400 is equivalent to swimming in all the swimming disciplines that phelps competed in.

    Track and field asks for agility, strength, endurance, speed, power
    Swimming asks for strength, endurance, speed, power
    One up on swimming.

    P.s. I am open to comments.