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USA boxing claims one bronze


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  • USA boxing claims one bronze

    I don't think I've seen 5 seconds of boxing on the TV this week and don't really care, but saw in the paper this a.m. that the US leaves Beijing with a single medal in boxing, a bronze, the worst showing ever (in 1948 they took home a single silver).

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    amateur boxing is crap nowdays

    it's just a matter of head shots & no bodywork whatsoever ( they don't seem to register points for these )

    also a lot of crude, wide flurries thrown with little landing - technique is poor

    it's getting more & more detached from the pro-style

    i've seen virtually no one here who will make a great, pro champ whereas at previous games always 1 or 2 superstars emerged


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      usa boxing has been going downhill for over a decade, in the amateurs and pros,
      look at the heavyweight division in the pro ranks, there are 3 former soviet block country and one nigerian champion and very few americans in the top 10 rankings, , and the americans ranked are all well into their 30's if not 40's, john ruiz, michael moorer, evander hollyfield in his mid 40's had a title shot a couple of months ago, james toney a former middleweight champion who has added about 80 pounds of what looks like fat and just turned 40 might be the best heavyweight in the usa.

      our olympic crop looked very weak, i know they cried about the scoring a lot, which in a couple of cases may be true, but we had guys losing by lopsided scores 15-1, 14-3 etc. the guy who said he moved away the last 30 seconds of his fight was tied after the 3rd round, so he should have known it was close, and the usa had a good draw as they did not meet any cubans and only one russian, and they still performed as they did.


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        It's not the fault of the boxers. The electronic scoring system is FUBAR and accounted for a number of upsets in the early rounds.

        Also, the Chinese boxers discovered that they weren't going to get penalized or disqualified for obvious fouls or passivity so they clutched, grabbed, headbutted and elbowed the way through the early rounds of the tournament.

        Tae-Kwan-Do and wrestling had similar issues which are less of a problem during the WCs but seem to escalate during the Olympics.

        cman :x


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          What a joke!! The Chinese just bribed the Mongolians to quit so they could win their first-ever Gold in boxing.

          Olympic boxing has become a stupid charade.