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    Just a thought, I think we should all go to and look at the Track and Field results and videos that they have on the site. You know they can track the # of downloads and hits. So, if we increase the T&F viewing it might help get more coverage of the T&F events in the future.

    Have to say I love the Women's Hammer video, no obnoxious commentators.

    Don't forget to rate T&F articles high. I give them all 5 stars on the athlete profiles.

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    It's funny that on that site they list track and field as a top sport yet their coverage certainly does not indicate they believe that is so. What horrible coverage.

    Thank goodness for ZNS though all that heavy traffic made it tough to see something straight through.

    I'd be interested to see how many hits they have had on their streaming video/website.


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      i watched all the soccer and cycling live on

      international feed, so i got everything..

      the track stuff sucked..

      and given nbc decided swimming and gymnastics was more important than t&f, the t&f diehard got screwed by them...