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Poor sport wrestler not such a poor sport.


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  • Poor sport wrestler not such a poor sport.

    CAS: Bitter wrestler who dropped medal was right

    Turns out that FILA the wrestling federation has no appeals process available. According to CAS Ruling, FILA will be required to establish one.

    The judges said Abrahamian was right.

    "We limit ourselves to ruling that FILA must, consistently with the (Olympic) Charter and general principles of fairness, establish for the future a jury of appeal to determine the validity or otherwise of complaints of the kind ventilated by (Abrahamian)," the judges wrote.
    So, what other recourse did he have other then throw a hissy fit on the podium? FILA has no appeals process at current time. And seem to ignore the athletes and coaches.

    I hope the IOC takes this into consideration and awards his Bronze back to him.

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    As I mentioned in the previous thread several days ago:

    Originally posted by richxx87
    This wrestler (Ara Abrahamian) did get utterly robbed, however. Any wrestler or wrestling expert could see that. A mind-blowing mistake by the judges in the semis to rob the Athens silver medalist of a chance for gold. The judges refused to hear an appeal, refused to look at video and laughed in the guy's face. The Italian who beat him was like 45th place in the worlds last year -- not even in the same class. Abrahamian did, to his credit, come back and take 3rd place. To reject the medal in a fairly civil symbolic way, I think, was controversial, but justifiable in this instance.
    Originally posted by richxx87
    Originally posted by lonewolf
    ... instead of throwing a fit, ....
    This Swede didn't throw a fit. Sure, he argued the obviously mistaken call at the time of the error. But, he went to the medal ceremony hours later, calmly accepted his bronze, kissed the presenter, walked to the middle of the mat -- with dignity intact -- and symbolically placed the medal there and walked out.

    And if you don't think he was justified, read this. ... 18404.html