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Any other Left Coasters give up on the NBC coverage?


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    Originally posted by jhc68
    All it takes is two simple things:
    1) Cover all events
    2) Publish a schedule of when each event will be on TV
    NBC failed miserably at both tasks. I don't mind that synch diving and BMX were on TV, I just don't want to have to watch them in the vain expectation I might see 2 minutes of some track final sandwiched in between. As someone observed two weeks ago here, the posted schedules were beyond the grasp of any human being.
    Completely agree here.

    And I never saw the women's 5K either.

    The U.S. track team gets a D from me but NBC gets and fattie F.
    "Long may you run"- Neil Young


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      Originally posted by odelltrclan
      Does anyone remember the 1979 World Cup where they showed every jump of the high jump. Real drama between Franklin Jacobs and Rolf Beilshmidt (sp). That is some pretty entertaining stuff.
      No, I missed that. Oh, yeah, I was at the meet My only trip to eastern Canada. Back before there were WCs, we went to WCups. Did the first three, then missed the really great one