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Do You Wear Glasses/Contacts/Have Normal Eye-site?


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    glasses since 8 yrs. Contacts at 17 thru 20 primarily for basketball - then 'John Denver/hippy' glasses till 26 with contacts still for b-ball. I'm 'legally blind' - or so I've been told ... about 20/600. Currently have kept a number of the old ones as I can use for reading computer - like Hammy in prob 5 or so places. Had soft lense contacts but they kept getting cloudy.

    2 daughters and a son have had Lasik. They like


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      Originally posted by Pego
      Originally posted by lonewolf
      My diabetes doctor insists that I see an opthalmologist annually.
      Wise. Listen!
      I have seen the same opthalmologist for the past 15 years, since before I became diabetic. She says my eyes have remained remarkably stable and there is no physical reason that I cannot see out of the center of my left eye.
      She, and other doctors, have even said the bad eye might develop if I lost the sight of my good idea. Not a possibility I am eager to explore.