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The Killer is dead


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  • The Killer is dead

    Sad to read that Killer Kowalski has died. Kowalski was right there with...

    "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers
    Fritz Von Erich
    Dick the Brusier
    Ray "The Blond Bomber" Stevens
    Crusher Lisowski
    Johnny Valentine
    Bulldog Brower
    Fred Blassie
    The Sheik

    ....when it can to the true legends of rasslin' mayhem. In the video (not allowed here) he rassles a guy named Yukon Eric. He would "really" chop off part of Yukon Eric's (would later commit suicide) ear when a kneedrop went wrong. At 6-7 275 (not the 250 we hear) he was a monster in his era. A strict vegatarian, or so we were told.


    Never forget the first time I heard Fritz Von Eric interviewed. By now he was long retired and promoting his WCW in Texas. I was all set to hear this German badas...what???...a Texas accent!!!!!!!!!!! Hell the cat played football at SMU and in the old AFL. Probably never even been to Germany......hahaha!!!!! Gotta love the rasslin'.

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    THis is the second time you have not put Ivan Putski on your list from that era?
    ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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      thought this thread was about Jerry Lee Lewis!


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        Originally posted by paulthefan
        THis is the second time you have not put Ivan Putski on your list from that era?
        You mean Joe Bednarski?


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          I don't know if Putski/Bednarski really belongs on that list. Mighty Igor
          who's act Putski pretty much ripped off early in his career, probably does.


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            My Dad used to "stomach claw" me when I was a kid....I guess he learned it from "Killer"!! :lol:
            You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!