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Golf Trivia - "Experiment" almost working/Protecti


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  • Golf Trivia - "Experiment" almost working/Protecti

    this story caught my eye

    melissa reid a 20y ole rookie on tour finished runner-up today in a euro event, notable for being annika's last ever euro tourney ... p?Id=17450

    coupla points :

    she shoudn't have lost as she had a 6 shot lead over annika & the eventual german winner, but just had a terrible last round

    you have to be damn good to take out 6 shots on an even over-the-hill annika !

    however, main thing is this gal is an "experiment" to see how virtually endless money & resources are thrown at an individual in a non-olympic sport & see what results ... 193338.ece

    Yet the talent that makes Reid the most impressive woman golfer to emerge in Britain for years is not what makes her exceptional. It is that she is the focus of an attempt by Sir Clive Woodward, the director of elite performance at the British Olympic Association, to see how good someone who is not an Olympian can become if they are given all the professional advice and financial help that is needed. No one in golf in Britain, male or female, has ever been given such extensive advice before.

    In Reid's case, this means working with 13 experts, from a fitness coach to a visual awareness coach, from an expert in nutrition to another in kinetics. She talks animatedly about her leg-strength programme, her shoulder and forearm programme and her whole body programme. “Dave [Reddin, her fitness coach] says he doesn't want to get me as strong as I could possibly be,” she said. “He wants me to be as strong as I need to be for golf.”

    She explains how she eats much better because of advice from Adam Carey, a nutritionist. “He says to me that if I was a Ferrari I wouldn't get the best out of it unless I put the best petrol in. He has made me understand how important nutrition is and shown me how to cook. He has taught me that I shouldn't eat a lot of starch and carbohydrates at night, that I should eat fibrous food such as broccoli.”

    And she outlines how with the help she is receiving from Kenny More, an analyst, she can have every swing she makes on a given day filmed. “Kenny can download a whole 18 holes within 20 minutes of me coming off the course, so if any one of my team want to see my swing no matter where they are in the world they log in and look at it online,” she said.
    In Reid, Woodward saw someone on whom he could bring to bear the techniques he was using with Olympic athletes. “When I started the Olympic job I thought this was an ideal opportunity to work on a non Olympian,” Woodward said. “I had this idea to make Mel a guinea pig and I thought I would throw the kitchen sink at her and show other Olympic sports what could be done. She is a role model and a champion in the making.”
    this is impressive back-up & it does seem to be paying off - indicating how a concerted approach can "buy" you success in sports

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    more controversially, the lpga were planning spoken-english tests for players on the tour, with suspensions for those "failing"

    suspensions have now been rescinded, but it smacked of protectionism/discrimination against the mostly dominant korean/japanese/taiwanese players on tour ... -plan.html


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      Seems kind of silly to put that much money into a single person when you could set up a camp of a dozen or so for about the same money. Much better odds with 10 to 15 than with just one. I'll admit I only scanned the article, so they may have others.

      Image the Hanson's distance project in the US with only one runner. Doesn't make sense.


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        i believe point was to pick the best youngster out of 100 ( rather than 10 - 15 out of the same 100 & dilute money on them ) & see if you can turn them into a champ

        can money buy sporting success ?

        this shows me it can

        there is no way on earth a 20y ole rookie limey can take out 6 shots on annika in 2 rounds in an event she wants to win

        she may never win a tourney in her life, but simply leading by 6 after 2 of 3 rounds against best player of recent times in her last event indicates to me it works