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Dwain Chambers [Golden League reprieve?]


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    I wonder what Chambers imagines peoples' reactions would be on hearing that he's still working with Conte and talking to Korchemny, the very people that helped him get banned. Remember when Marion and Tim went to Francis?

    Us Brits may be overly obsessed with this issue but I think we're justified in being outraged (or at least a bit miffed) by this news. It's rubbing our collective noses in the dirt. It's thanks to BALCO et all that in the court of public opinion and perception athletes no longer get the benefit of the doubt. I respected that Chambers 'fessed up to more than he needed to and that he didn't follow the path of others and either deny, deny, deny until he was blue in the face, or make some ridiculous excuse. It was very refreshing and should be encouraged, not penalised. But now he's making the same 'mistakes' again.


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      conte doesn't make this breathing apparatus - dwayne shouda gone straight to the horse's mouth - the manufacturer - got on their helpline & talk to their experts & ask for guidance from them - when they found out who he was, they wouda probably given him 24/7 advice if he'd asked

      conte is no respiratory physiologist unlike the manufacturers, so it's like asking the guy down a pub for advice on how to use the new fangled toy you've bought ( actually he couda just asked his GP - any semi-competent doc wouda told him how to use it after perusing the instruction sheet - only proviso is not to use too high a setting straight away, otherwise you'll end up in heart failure - use it in conjunction with a pulse monitor & really splash out - an oxygen monitor & don't go below say 90% saturation ( or whatever instruction sheet says ) )

      as for supplements, he couda gone down to holland & barrett for those rather than ask conte - they'd have same overpriced rubbish as him, but maybe in 2 supplements rather than maybe the 1 that conte combines them in