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NFL stats in USA Today


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  • NFL stats in USA Today

    In the past, USA Today published fairly complete NFL stats on the Wednesday after the weekend games. Not this Wed. I found nothing in their season preview regarding the stats at all.

    Does anyone know if they have changed the day or if they have just discontinued it? If the latter, saves me 75 cents a week.

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    I would be AMAZED if neither the NFL nor ESPN don't have every game stat known to man on-line!


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      Most papers have cut size and content. I'd expect "USA-T" to continue extensive FB stats, but that's very much against the prevailing trend in the business.


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        I would assume it's a first week thing. The stats would be the same on Monday's box scores so why should USA-T print tthe same thing twice in one week?

        Also, when I used to by the paper most stats weren't published until about week 4. (Week 3 at earliest) But now-a-days all the stats are on-line with many options for viewing. So, I assume they will still publish them just not as often.


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, people. Gives you everything you want to know. But it might mean sacrificing a little time on this site!