This was posted yesterday on by masters hurdler Dexter McCloud:

Dear Athletes,

As most of you know, Stephanie Hightower is running for the office of President of USA Track and Field. As the Chairs for the “Athletes for Hightower” Campaign Committee, it is our honor and privilege to be in the position to ask for your support on behalf of Stephanie.

As a former world-class hurdler and the current Women’s Track & Field Chair, Stephanie has represented and defended athletes best interests at every opportunity. Now here’s OUR opportunity to say, “thank you Stephanie, for all you’ve done for us”; by electing Stephanie as President, we can insure that athletes will continue to have a strong voice where it’s needed most - at the board level of USATF.

Now the only way you can cast your vote for Stephanie is to do the following:

1) You MUST be a voting delegate for your association and come to the convention. Contact your association and let the President of your association know that you wish to be an athlete delegate, if you aren’t already. Most associations are clamoring for athlete involvement during the Annual Meeting.

2) Because of the very important issue of restructuring, make your travel plans to arrive before the 1st day of the Annual Meeting, since this is when the initial election will take place.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Dexter McCloud
Co-Chair - “Athletes for Hightower” Campaign Committee
[email protected]

Sharrieffa Barksdale
Co-Chair - “Athletes for Hightower” Campaign Committee
[email protected]

Let’s elect someone “for us, BY us”
Although I don't have great affection for the current USATF president, Bill Roe, I think Hightower is probably a huge step backward. She's already been accused of cronyism and financial misdealings.

How much more mismanagement can USATF take?

The election, BTW, will be held at the USATF annual meeting in December in Reno, Nevada.

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