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Anabolic steroids found to enhance power lifters for years


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  • Anabolic steroids found to enhance power lifters for years

    This is not directly related to track and field, but clearly has implications. An investigator from Sweden has found long term enhancement of muscle structure from the use of anabolic steroids.

    Although the findings were in power lifters, it suggests that athletes like Kelly Sotherton have a point in asking for a lifetime ban of steroid users. ... teroi.html

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    In the Discus thread the data for the number of throws over 68m would be consistent with there being some carry-over (there are alternative hypotheses as well, not mutually exclusive). Specifically, there was a big drop after 1988 and a further drop 4 years later.


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      But that could also be consistent with a significant number of people retiring after an Olympiad, which is common. You've also got the breakup of the Soviet Union to consider, with resources for all the smaller parts (not to mention Russia itself for awhile) falling off drastically.


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        It is a complicated situation when looking at the amount of enhancement can be attributed to a drug.

        It seems the anabolic steroid enhances muscle down the the cellular level. And it might be that these benefits are very long standing.

        Of course the athlete has to train to keep up the muscle's output.

        This makes me think more and more about Ben Johnson, who was able to bench press over 400 pounds. Incredible. at one point, NFL linemen could not bench that kind of weight.