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US $20M Match-up in the Caribbean!!


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  • US $20M Match-up in the Caribbean!!

    Allan Stanford; billionaire sport visionary has seen it worth his investment to redefine cricket by promoting 20/20 matches. He has put US$20m for a one off match between England and West Indian All stars (not west Indies real team).

    I think we hit him up for some investments in T&F I think he start some Grand Prix meets here in the west.

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    for you yankees, watch at least 1 cricket match in your life

    it will last ~ 3 hours & winning team of 11 players gets $20m ( $1.8m each ), the losers nothing

    3 hours work & 11 guys will make enough money to retire

    some quick rules reminder

    it is 20 overs each ( 1 over = 6 "throws" )

    - hit it out of the park & you get 6 runs

    - hit out of the field bouncing at least once = 4 runs

    - most runs are scored by a "punt" for 1 - 3 runs run between both sets of stumps ( wicket ), but be careful not to fail to reach base ( wicket ) or you're out

    - also out if "bowled" ( throw hits wicket on delivery ), caught or "leg before" - miss your shot & hit on legs with ball going to hit wicket

    a good score is ~ 150

    a great score is 200

    a pretty much guaranteed winning score is 220

    it's here : enjoy !!! ... rd-xi-live


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      england look onto a hiding - may not get to a 100