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MJ/Oprah: First Post-Prison Interview Wednesday, 29/10-2008


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    seeing as she was pregnant from sept '02, i doubt any project wr was on her mind...


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      It was on Montgomery:s, and it was on Francis mind, who, along with Conte, collaborated on an illegal scheme to get Montgomery the WR. Jones must have moved with Montgomery strictly for the nice ride and view up there and then denied knowing Francis or having any connection with him because of ______ (fill in the blank).

      It was a sad story... one of many told by a person inherently adverse to facts and married to a fictional portrait of truth.


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        monty already had the wr by then, so "project wr" was already accomplished before he went to charlie


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          Yep. Good ole Charlie was in the picture before they moved up there to train with him, a person Jones stated she didn:t know, nor had really heard of.



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            did charlie train him to 9.78 ?


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              In essence, yes. You already know this.

              The plan, dubbed "Project World Record," was reportedly born in the backrooms of the BALCO offices in late 2000. The plan was to make Montgomery a world-record holder, and in turn, help promote BALCO's legal supplement ZMA, the paper reported.

              Montgomery posted a world-best time of 9.78 seconds in the 100 metres less than two years later in Paris.

              The paper, citing sources and corroborating documents, named Montgomery, Francis, Conte, track coach Trevor Graham and strength coach Milos Sarcev as the five masterminds behind the project.


              According to the article, the group decided to keep its union a secret because it didn't want to be publicly associated with Francis.
              Like I said: sad story from a lady prone to telling wild lies and suing anyone who dared challenge her.


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                in essence "no"

                that article mentions nothing about charlie training monty to the wr - trevor coached him to that - monty left trevor in december '02

                earliest mention of charlie training monty was in "weeks before" january '03 - after monty had set the wr

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