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  • interviews USATF president candidates

    Bob Bowman, Stephanie Hightower and Dee Jensen all returned my email questionnaires, and links to their interviews are posted here:

    And also here:

    I asked them these 10 questions:

    1. What qualifications, attributes or perspectives would you bring to the USATF presidency that your opponents would not?

    2. Among USATF's stated missions is "fielding the most competent United States individuals and teams for international competition in Athletics and providing support and conditions for athletes at all levels of the sport which ensure optimal performance." Does this include fielding teams for world masters competitions? If so, how can USATF help?

    3. Despite masters being a large share of USATF, the budget of USATF Masters Track & Field is a relative pittance -- $85,000 this year, with USATF's contribution being just $39,500. Would you commit to at least doubling USATF's contribution to the budget of USATF Masters track & field?

    4. Under the proposed reorganization of the Board of Directors, USATF Masters T&F is losing a seat on the board. How would you guarantee that masters T&F is assured fair treatment within the federation?

    5. On the USATF Web site, Board of Director minutes are listed as "coming soon." In fact, board minutes have not been publicly disclosed for years. Will you commit to posting the missing board minutes as well as all future board minutes on within two months of the annual meetings?

    6. Did you support the awarding of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Trials to Eugene, Oregon? If so, why did USATF not ask for monetary compensation for these awards? In the case of the 2012 Trials, why weren't other cities invited to bid?

    7. The 2008 Trials featured several events where members of the field were allowed entry under controversial conditions, or denied entry despite having "B" standard marks that in past years would have allowed their entry. As well, a nonfinalist in the javelin was allowed to compete in Beijing. Were these decisions fair? If not, what went wrong, and what changes would you support to prevent them from happening again?

    8. In late August, board member Lynn Cannon circulated a scathing indictment of the USATF Board of Directors, alleging that certain members of the board mismanaged money, especially travel and hotel expenses. Do you agree with her assessments? If so, what should be done? If not, why do you think Cannon made them?

    9. The USATF Web site is a vast resource, but it has no search function. Many visitors to the site become frustrated, unable to find what they are looking for. Would you commit to having the USATF webmaster install a search engine on

    10. How would you strengthen the grass roots of USATF? How would you fix problems in certain USATF associations, especially those with governance problems and a lack of meets?
    And in a shocker (to me at least), they didn't flinch! :lol:

    I also posted a poll, asking which presidential candidate would be best for masters track.

    Bon appetit.

    K E N
    K E N

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    Thanks for that, Ken - good work!

    Is there anything like that for non-Masters issues?


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      Agreed, Ken did do a great job with his interviews.

      In terms of your question, yes, my assistant editor Jimmie Markham did podcast interviews with all three USATF presidential candidates that should address your inquiry. The series was called "TFS ElectionCast 2008".

      Here are the links for each:

      BOB BOWMAN: ... ob-bowman/

      STEPHANIE HIGHTOWER: ... hightower/

      DEE JENSEN: ... ee-jensen/

      Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

      Adam Jacobs