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    A study shows that statins may prolong your life even if there's nothing wrong with your cholesterol level. ... rt.html?hp

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    just seen this on tv

    it's been speculated for a while that drug in question, crestor may actually possess the "holy grail" quality of actually reversing ateriosclerosis in artery walls ( haven't checked if they have shown this in the study ( needs separate imaging studies on arterial wall thickness & these have to conclusively show regression in size ) but this reduction in CV events shows this may be occuring )

    problem is, crestor is still branded drug & costs ? $40 -50/month, whereas the most commonly used, simvastatin costs ~ $2 - 3/month, but doesn't appear to have demonstrated this "holy grail" effect

    i do like crestor, but my bosses won't usually allow it's prescribing unless simvastatin or atorvastatin ( liptor ) don't reduce cholesterol enough or aren't tolerated

    i hope it is prescribed more - it's a good drug & pretty much 1 dose does it all