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Imbecilic Smart Guys At It Again


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  • Imbecilic Smart Guys At It Again

    With all the worthless athletic predictions that the Brainiacs of the world come up with, now we have this one (I'm ashamed it's from a Stanford dude): [from home-page-link]

    LONDON (AP) - Usain Bolt's stunning world record in the Olympic 100-meter final is still a long way from how fast the human body can go, according to a study by a U.S. professor. Shortly after Bolt ran 9.69 seconds in Beijing, Stanford University biology professor Mark Denny set about to estimate just how fast humans will be able to run. He concluded that male sprinters could eventually get the 100 record down to 9.48 seconds and women could run the distance in 10.39.
    Y'think? And after that 9.48, someone will go faster, and then that guy's record will fall, etc. There IS indeed a limit, but it ain't that 'slow'!!! If someone in 1964 said the 100 would be run in 9.5 (hand-time), leaving Hayes almost 5 meters back down the track, what would they have said?

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    Re: Imbecilic Smart Guys At It Again

    Did he mention when the womens WR will become faster than the mens?