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December 7, 1941


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  • December 7, 1941

    I just thought someone should mention it.

    I was only 10 but as one of the youngest of approx. 60 first cousins, I had lots of older cousins who served in WWII. One, a depression era HS dropout enlisted in the Navy in mid 1930s, was one of the few survivors from the battleship Oklahoma.

    Another, a two time state wrestling champion going to University Oklahoma on a wrestling scholarship, was the first of my cousins to attend college. He enlisted in the Marines on Dec 8, 1941, survived several of the South Pacific hot stops, collected wounds that ended his wrestling career, went back to college on GI Bill after the war; is now a retired banker and at age 86 is sharp as the proverbial tack, a remarkable physical speciman and proud representative of the Greatest Generation.