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    "...You must have a very low opinion of 'normal' intelligence..."

    On the contrary, I have a very high opinion of Muhammad Ali. Not all learning skills are evident on standardized tests.


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      Re: Ali

      Originally posted by bijanc
      Not all learning skills are evident on standardized tests.
      Excellent point!


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        The Champ

        There are, as you all know, kinesthetic learners, audial learners, et al. Computation and lingusitic skills are great f/ the classroom, but portend nothing re- negotiation, fashion design, coaching, cooking, or horticulture.


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          Originally posted by Track fan
          So it's possible to be as dull as Forrest Gump and to be a great sprinter or baseball player(a sport with a need for better motor skills)? I though that was a myth.
          Rube Waddell - Baseball HOF
          Curtis Dickey and Joe Louis also weren't known to perform well on standard IQ tests.


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            Brain v. Brawn

            I know he passed the Navy's entrance requirements, but Bob Feller doesn't strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer. Then there was "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.

            Jackie Robinson, Jackie Jensen, Gehrig, Koufax were the rare baseballers who attended college for a few years. In Feller's day, guys were signed out of h.s. for the most part. There are all kinds of intelligence though- Ted Williams was not a collegian, but did very well in the math-laden training classes fighter pilots take.

            Muhammad Ali knew how to use his reflexes (and footwork) to his advantage. When a large man is fighting in a style best suited to a welterweight, he is an original (part of the definition of innovative genius). The pyschological warfare he executed speaks f/ itself.


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              Originally posted by gh
              Nice-nice-nice guy, but I was absolutely stunned at how... hmm.... "infantile" he was. A gee-whiz aw-shucks guy who seemed to me to relate to the world in a very junior-high way.
              Psychopathic killers come in all is independent of their IQ.



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                After 30 years of teaching, a couple of decades of education before that, and a stint as an employee at a mental hospital (EMPLOYEE! I had keys!) I don't believe that people can make any generalizations about IQ and athletic ability.

                The two best track athletes I ever coached, both milers, were very, very bright although one could have been designated as learning disabled due to dyslexia (his family always declined accomodations and he graduated from a major university with strong grades).

                Conversely, the best natural all-around athlete I ever dealt with in three decades of teaching was dumb as a bag of hammers.

                In team sports, however, overall team IQ does have an effect on team performance. Given the same level of physical abiility, football, basketball, baseball, even track teams, do better with more smart kids... it has to do with creating an intelligent group culture.


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                  Juice For Brains

                  The spelling and grammar (or the lack thereof) in OJ's 1994 suicide note were a testament to his poor linguistic skills. Network t.v. work backed that up.

                  The murderous rage speaks to a lack of emotional intelligence, and an inability to walk away from his second marriage.