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Competing geography quiz, question #1 (and only)


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  • Competing geography quiz, question #1 (and only)

    Where is Three Waters Mountain, and what is significant about it?

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    Re: Competing geography quiz, question #1 (and only)

    Originally posted by DrJay
    Where is Three Waters Mountain, and what is significant about it?
    I'm going to guess in the MI upper pennisula where all three great lakes can be seen?


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      If I recall correctly a family jaunt of yore, it's somewhere in Wyoming, maybe near the great big Park that has Yogi and Boo-Boo?


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        three from column A

        This ,mountain contains headwaters of Chinas` Yellow Yatzee and KungpowLoMein rivers
        Tom Hyland:
        "squack and wineturtle get it"


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          C'mon wineturtle, China doesn't own us YET!


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            Three Waters Mountain is in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Depending on upon which flank of the mountain precipitation falls (or one pees), the water can flow into any one of three major river basins...the Missouri-Mississippi, Columbia, or Colorado.


   ... ntain.html


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              I thought that it might have to do with a Continental Divide or something like that. I know there is an area in the Canadian Rockies, I'm not sure how big an area, where the runoff goes to either the Pacific or the Arctic or the Atlantic Oceans. I'm guessing it's not within easy pee-ing distance.


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                Mount Snow Dome is part of the Columbia Icefield, which straddles the British Columbia/Alberta border, and is also the boundary between Banff and Jasper National Parks. Mount Snow Dome is considered the "hydrographic apex of North America", as it is the only place on the continent from whence rivers flow to 3 Oceans - Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific. There is only one other such feature on the Planet, in Northern Siberia. Scientists are concerned about the current melt-rate of the Icefield, which provides huge volumes of fresh water into numerous river systems.


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                  "To the Pacific via the Columbia river, to the Artic via The Athabasca river, and to the Atlantic by the North Saskatchwen river. This highly interesting part of its geography is explained in detail at the Columbia Icefields Centre and is well worth dodging the tourists to visit while you are in the area."

         ... -dome.html

                  Cool. I hadn't heard this one before.


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                    Cool? Sounds outright frigid to me.