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What are your 10 favourite sporting moments of 2008?


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  • What are your 10 favourite sporting moments of 2008?

    For me (and a bit of Brit bias :wink: )

    1. Ohuruogu winning gold in Beijing
    2. Paula winning the NY Marathon
    3. Bolt's 100m victory and gold medal in Beijing
    4. Cooke’s gold medal in the road-race in Beijing
    5. Team sprint in Beijing and British cycling in general
    6. Adlington’s 800m freestyle gold and WR
    7. Nadal beating Federer in the Wimbledon final
    8. Bekele and Dibaba’s 5000/10000m doubles
    9. Venus Williams winning her fifth Wimbledon singles title and Vee and Rena winning Olympic and Wimbledon doubles
    10. Dementieva winning the Olympic women’s singles tennis title

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    Re: What are your 10 favourite sporting moments of 2008?

    Originally posted by nevetsllim
    For me (and a bit of Brit bias :wink: )
    Since I've never heard of some of these people, I'd say so! :-) :-) :-)


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      Bolt's Olympic 200 world record ranks number one with me. I'm not sure about the other nine.


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        After Bolt & Co. in Beijing, the 4th down Manning desperation pass while being tackled and catch against the helmet must rank pretty highly. Also Tiger's US Open win and the Wimbledon men's final.


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          I hate to push Track & Field out of first place, but I gotta go with Tiger. Most amazing athletic performance I have ever seen.


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            To me, nothing comes close to Bolt&Phelps show.
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            by Thomas Henry Huxley


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              Bolt takes 1 and 2 on my list. Then I'd have to think.


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                Top 2 COMPETITIVE moments easy for me.

                1. Jason Lezak swimming down 100m WR holder Alain Bernard of France in the 4x100 Olympic final, closing a half body length lead.

                2. Federer/Nadal Wimbledon. Not exactly a moment per se, but sport at it's finest.


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                  non-track things don't leave much of an impression on me much anymore, but Wimbledon is a clear winner for me this time round. Mind-boggling stuff.... add in Tiger and almost everything else is the OT (things like m800 finish, the crowd reaction to Hasay's 4:14.50, etc, etc)


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                    Originally posted by tandfman
                    Bolt takes 1 and 2 on my list. Then I'd have to think.
                    Me too! But after some thinking I come to Thorkildsen.

                    Away from the track it has to be the Spanish Soccer team in the Euro champs, then Nadal in Wimbledon and Federer winning the US open.


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                      I thought Turkey with their insane last minute comebacks was much more of a story at the Euro Championships soccer (I'm US). Crazy stuff.


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                        of course Bolt... 8-)

                        Then Simon Whitfield's throwing his hat off and laying down the gauntlet in the sprint to the finish in the men's Olympic triathlon. When he threw his hat to the ground and took off you just knew he was saying "alright boys if you want the gold then you have to get by me"-the German did but what a a race!

                        One of those sports goosebump moments I will never forget. Simon is a truly fantastic athlete and person (gold in Sydney) and he lives in my neighbourhood!
                        Of course Gary Reed and Dylan Armstrong's 4th place finishes are way up there too. That two men who have been best friends since they started track together at age 10 in a small isolated town in Canada would both hit the big stage is a great Canadian story.

                        And just squeaking under the wire was Canada's win over the US in World Junior hockey last night. I have watched many world junior games and this was the best-drama and many heart attack moments. Canada won 7-4 but that doesn't begin to tell the story.....