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The football 100 meters


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    Re: The football 100 metres

    Originally posted by lafleur
    Here's a quote from Jim Tomlin taken from the article that I can't link."I was clocked at 4.22 in the 40 at our training camp at San Diego,California.Tom Fears said he had never seen a faster 40 in all his years and they saved the stopwatch with the exact time on it.It was in the Saints office for several years I understand."So maybe you do not know of this guy is simply because we can't know everything.Simple.
    The clue there is "stopwatch"; it's a hand time, and probably a bad one. Absolutely meaningless.


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      The fastest 40 I know of for Bullet Bob Hayes was a hand timed 4.4. I 'm guessing that was ran on a grass football field. As we know Hayes was a 5.9 world record holder in the old 60 yarder. As we also know he was no slouch as a starter. He wasn't like a Carl Lewis who gained on everyone at the end, he was out quickly. So if the great Bullet Bob Hayes is stuck in 4.4ville I have a real hard time accepting a 4.22 from a..."who?" If somebody got the jump on Hayes he could probably have cooked a 4.3 but that would still pale in comparision to ..."who?"