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OU is the #1 ranked football team of all time


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    Originally posted by bambam
    Originally posted by Texas
    Originally posted by gh
    I'll be sure to ask the next time I'm having trouble falling asleep
    Why the attitude? Do I bother you and if so..why?
    You bother everybody, Texas, no real reason to wonder why. You always seem to know more about everything than everybody on every topic. Time to go look in the mirror. Hahaha .. or is it, hmm in this circumstance?
    Am I wrong about the things I talk about?


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      Being right or wrong has nothing to do with it.... it has to do with being a rude and dismissive megalomaniac who rewrites the same thread(s) over and over and over, providing an organic alternative to Ambien.

      You also alienate people, plain and simple. My best advice is that you should simply be ignored, since unlike your alter ego Brutal at least you've tuned it down enough to avoid an outright banning.