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  • Taken Movie

    A++ Loved it. Will never win an Oscar but you'll definitely enjoy it if you go. Not just the action, which is great, but there's actually a pretty cool love story going on in the background.

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    A local reviewer here ( :wink: ) had this to say:

    Taken – What a difference the right actor makes. With anyone but Liam Neeson in the lead, this movie is an absurd mess of gratuitous violence and crude vengeance. But Neeson, as a dad in search of his kidnapped daughter, pulls us into the mayhem and makes us forget the odd plot machinations. The whole thing is rather two-dimensional, but in the hands of a craftsman like Neeson, it works.


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      Saw it last night. Loved it. Aside from the fact that as a father of daughters I was identifying with Liam Neeson, it did not wimp out and had (nearly) perfect ending with the good guy wiping out a legion of high and low placed baddies.