I've never seen a more exciting/electric/incredible running back at the high school level than Tulare "Bob Mathias" Union's Dominique Dorsey. He made runs you had to see to believe, Many times totally surrounded by a swam of defenders then somehow..there he goes..gone! He was so amazing he'd end his high school career as Cal State's all time leading rusher. Not sure if this is by division. Regardless the guy was something to see. Because of his size (lack of it) he ended up at UNLV where he had a good collegiate career then once again because of is size it's off to the CFL instead of the NFL. Darren Sproles? Lionel James? Buddy Young? Max Anderson, Mac Herron? Howard Stevens?...were all mini- backs who were worth a roster spot in the NFL.

I just heard today that the Washington Redskins have signed him. Thrilled to hear that.

*–* RUSHING Yds. Toby Gerhart, Norco (‘02-05) 8,632 Lorenzo Booker, St. Bonavent. (‘99-01) 8,495 Dominique Dorsey, Tulare (‘98-00) 7,761 Tyler Ebell, Ventura (‘98-00) 7,385 David Dotson, Valley View (‘89-91) 7,257 Michael Jones, Laguna Hills (‘95-97) 7,175

It looks like he's now third.

In his first CFL game he returned a missed FG 128 yards. Check it out on youtube.