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chess scholarships- Who knew?


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  • chess scholarships- Who knew?

    Knowing this makes me feel better about the all of the athletic non-academic shenanigans that go on.

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    I'll bet there's still cheating going on.

    Some of these kids probably have an athletic counselor helping them cheat on their PE requirements!


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      Seems to me the presence or absence of some gene or quirk in one's mental makeup is required to play chess,;either to the exclusion of everything else or without affecting other aspects of a normal life. Apparently, I either do or don't have that mental or psychological quality

      Fifty years ago, I displayed some competence as a chess player. Unfortunatety, if became a near obsessive. I was playing chess in my head all the time. I could not sleep at night, playing mental chess and dreaming about chess when I did go to sleep. I quit for fifty years.

      I recently taught the game to my seven year old grandson but it did not take so long that my obsession returned. He is not beating me at chess yet but is teaching his four year old brother and seems to have no problem switching from soccer to chess to basketball to chess to karate to arithmatic.


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        Chess Aptitude

        The heightened ability to imagine board movements and possibilities not extant, or even to re-arrange Scrabble letters in one's head, can have some correlating deficits. Most elite level brain skills do (see Nat. Geo. documentaries on Scrabble champs). It's all about spacial skills and the acumen to think several moves ahead in the strategy of a "game" (think John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind).