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    Originally posted by EPelle
    That's some serious sand-bagging for players unwilling to step it up for losing teams, no? Guaranteed income for two years despite whatever efforts they put into it. Get a smart agent wise to it all who provides a new team a close look at the exceptional skills which got the kid drafted in the first place, and one has the making of a nasty little plot going on.
    Where I work new hires start out at a lesser rate of pay than those who have gotten their 90 days in. They understand the situation and how it works. After 90 days if they have been on time/didn't miss work/did as they were raise. See how easy that is.

    Trust me a kid who grew up with 5 sisters and 4 brothers in Dinkyville USA isn't going to be all that worried about just how many 100 of thousands of dollars that was coming out of school. The only reason we see the hassle we do now is because of the system. Change that system to a pay per round instead of an individual and there is no problem.

    A young guy 22 or so can do something other than play pro football. He can go out and get a real job just like all of us here. He can work like his dad and granddad did or he can put in a couple years of trying to prove he belongs in the big time. If he does the rewards are incredible. That's how things should be done. You don't pay big $$$$$$$$$ because somebody starred vs Western Michigan, Kent State, Louisiana Tech.................