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Gillispie runs from reporters


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  • Gillispie runs from reporters

    So say the Kentucky fans on a UK msg board. I can't get the video to work, though. The UK fans are furious with "Cutler," who I guess is the reporter in the video.

    Any idea who the Cats will get as coach?

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    The reporter is lucky he didnt get a fat lip.

    Anyway, Gillispie has had some odd moments the last couple of days. His rambling diatribe yesterday about only caring about one judgement(read: God's) surely sealed his fate. What a fall from grace for last year's SEC coach of the year.
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      I knew Billy Clyde pretty well when we were both student coaches (in different sports, of course), and he was the most driven person I have ever seen in college sports. You hear about people "living, breathing, sleeping" their sport, but this was really true with him.

      Nice guy then, but I am sure that drive has had deleterious effects over the past 25+ years.


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        He had it made in College Station.

        The grass looks greener on the other side...

        But all too often its mowed weeds.
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