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No bag limit on criminals where I live


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  • No bag limit on criminals where I live

    Tim Sheldon lives about a mile up the road from where I am living right now.

    Sheldon told the paper, "There is no bag limit. There's always an open season on criminals in Mason County."

    Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury then told the paper, "I don't think that's an appropriate comment."

    Sheldon, who also serves as a state senator, was reached by KOMO News in Olympia, where he stood by his remarks. But he added, "I'm not promoting vigilantism."
    The paper that Sheldon's original interview was with doesn't have much of an online presence, but other quotes were picked up by the local news...

    "You might expect a lead enema. I'm telling you, people in Mason County are fed up with crime. They know how to protect themselves," Sheldon said. ... bce1a.html

    Sheldon was quoted in a local newspaper as calling people on Seattleā€™s Queen Anne and Capitol Hill "wimps." He has since backed off that statement.

    Yes, I live in Mason County and we do own a gun or two. And we live in a trailer (moving to a real house in 2 weeks though!) and we go on to the reservation to shoot. Well it's fun for my hubby, I don't enjoy it all that much.

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    Do you prefer the body shot or a head shot?

    My choice is to go for the body with a pistol (bigger target) and empty the gun. Now a rifle with scope is another matter, a good head shot requires only one bullet.

    For further advice, drop a note to Sarah Palin.


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      The best thing we have shot so far is a pink vacuum cleaner that we picked up at a garage sale for $2. There was also an old butternut squash that exploded nicely. I hope to never have to shoot anything more intimidating than that!


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        I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.


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          Make sure you drag the body to the right-of-way before it gets cold. Last thing you want to do is check the box on the Home Sale Disclosure form that acknowledges there's been a death on the property. Talk about killing your resale value.


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            We kill criminals in Texas.
            The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14


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              Originally posted by Marlow
              I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
              That has to be a movie line, just don't know which one.


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                OK, so I was close.


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                  I assume the criminals dont put a limit on the number of victims they are planning to rob, rape and assault? :x