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Perjury trouble for Armory Track, Norbert Sander


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  • Perjury trouble for Armory Track, Norbert Sander

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    I'm not a tax professional, I don't know what the relevant regulations call for, and I've never filled out one of those forms. But it seems obvious (and I think it would be obvious to the IRS), that the Armory used current salary info as of the time of the filiing, rather than 2005 compensation.
    Note that the salary numbers are round numbers. For a number reasons, actual calendar year salary payments are rarely round numbers.

    Again, I've no idea whether that was the right or wrong info to provide in that place on that form. But even if it was wrong, using words like "felony" and "prison" in connection with a mistake like that says more about your poor judgment as a journalist than it does about the Armory's tax returns. This is sensationalism, pure and simple. I doubt that you would even try to sell a story like that to the editors of your paper. Please don't try to sell it to us.