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    Originally posted by tandfman
    If the guy had a brain, he wouldn't have been messing with Howe's kid with Howe in the game.
    Well, in that case, Howe's fingers would've just poked through the top of the skull, like mini-horns! :twisted:


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      A few people don't know that Gordie Howe was on the ice during Bobby Orr's first NHL game:

      >>Orr's first NHL game was against the Detroit Red Wings. He was so excited to be playing against "Mr. Howe", that he arrived at the Garden at 1:00 pm for a 7:30 pm game.

      Early in the game, young Bobby put some lumber to the back of Gordie's neck. Later in the game, Detroit's #9 caught Orr with his head down and smashed him to the ice. Bobby remembers it like this, "He hit me a good one, I saw birds for awhile". Gordie's account of the check, "All of the Boston players were skating over and the young kid got up and told them: 'take it easy gentlemen, I deserved that!'".

      CBC showed the incident to Bobby Orr around the time that he retired. The cameras missed the actual hit because it was so subtle and happened so fast but they did get a shot of Orr lying face up and spread eagled on the ice with Gordie Howe slowly skating away. Orr laughed pretty hard and seemed to enjoy seeing the footage for the first time.