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Happy Juneteenth! :D


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    Originally posted by jazzcyclist
    Originally posted by TrackDaddy
    Originally posted by Cooter Brown
    Knew the history of it in TX. Didn't realize other states recognized it also. Ah, the Power of Texas. :lol:
    Well, I think June 19 was also the date of the original proclamation, hence other states recognizing it.

    Texas just has another reason with the delay in getting the information that it happened.
    Actually the Emancipation was issued on January 1, 1963.
    Okay, thanks.

    Maybe the other states celebrate it for the same reason Texas does.

    We complain about slow networks and delayed email messages.

    Can you imagine waiting on the Pony Express?
    The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14


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      Originally posted by TrackDaddy
      Originally posted by NCAA5000
      It's my birthday! Thanks for the attention!
      Don't thank me.

      Thank Lincoln.

      Happy Birthday.
      Don't thank Lincoln either before he signed this document he was selling blacks out in the back of 1600 Penn. Avenue as if they were going out of style and there's a book called "Forced Into Glory" by Lerone Bennett and I saw a caption on the front of the book and it said that "If Lincoln had his way prominent black ppl of the modern era would be out in those same fields doing what our ancestors were forced to do".