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    Over the past year I have sold off my T&FN & Track Newsletters from 1957 - 1980.

    I am now suffering 'Seller's Remorse'.

    From time-to-time I would research something back many years, now I don't have that 'luxury'.

    I would be willing to pay for access to T&FN's archives of publications going back to 1948.

    I will even go a bit further ... I will volunteer to assist in the conversion / loading process of the first two years of T&FN to the 'net.

    T&FN has information that has value in the entire history of T&FN, TN & other publications.

    T&FN can accrue income from providing access to those that have interest in researching historical information. Quite frankly, T&FN as a magazine, may not exist in 10 years ... only online.

    My newspaper subscriptions have gone away .... same for other publications. Something to consider. I'm available!