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Olympians w/ Streets Named After Them


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  • Olympians w/ Streets Named After Them

    (from a listserv):

    ISHPES SportHist Listserv

    I added the given names, but not the Italian streets. I simply cannot find

    Still I don't know how to make the programm accessible for everyone, so
    that we all can add and share. If someone knows how to organise that...


    ISHPES SportHist Listserv

    Dear Jurryt,

    Just like Jan, I appreciate your interesting project and, moreover, I am
    unable to put addings to your map....
    Here in Florence, there's Piazza Gino Bartali (3-times winner of Giro,
    2-times winner of Tour de France) and I know in Genoa there's Via Filippo
    Emanuele Bottino (Olympic champion of Heavy Weightlifting in Antwerp 1920)
    and I guess many other Italian sportspeople are honoured long cities of

    Yours friendly
    Gherardo Bonini

    Google Maps about Olympians commemorated with
    street names

    ISHPES SportHist Listserv

    Jury--Great project:

    I couldn't figure out how to add it to your map, but America's gold medal
    high jumper Charles Austin is honored in San Marcos, Texas: Charles Austin
    Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666.

    Jan Todd

    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: [SPORTHIST] Google Maps about Olympians commemorated with
    street names

    ISHPES SportHist Listserv

    The given streetnames are added on Google Maps. Now you can find out easy
    if there are more streets in this area.

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    Major street in Dayton, Ohio: Edwin C. Moses Boulevard


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      There's a surreal moment during the "Sebastian Coe: Born to Run" video from the early '80's wherein Coe and a training buddy run past a Loughborgh (sic) street sign in the foreground named "Coe Avenue."


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        Stacy Dragila Way is the name of the road that surrounds Holt Arena in Pocatello.


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          There's a subdivision in Austin called "Olympic Heights". Every street is named after an Olympian...Bruce Jenner, Jim Thorpe, Mary Lou Retton, etc.

 ... =en&tab=wl


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            How about Picabo Street?