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Ethnic Civil War 7/11 2009 v 9/11 : Controlled Demolitions


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  • Pego
    My grandson has a baseball tournament in Greenville, WI on 7/11 and I'll be there. I sure hope, it will not be one of the targets. That would put a dent in my day :evil: .

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  • Ethnic Civil War 7/11 2009 v 9/11 : Controlled Demolitions

    Suicide bombers, both on 9/11 2001 and on 7/11 2009, are ALL of the same type: fake. But "coincidentally" there are several types of double detonations.

    Double DETONATIONS from 9/11 TWO types of "planes" and "collapses" in 2001 to 7/11 TWO types of "Obamas" in 2009

    9/11, 2001: Two Types "airplanes" and "collapses"
    On 9/11 there were two types of "planes": staged as obvious hoax (Pentagon [1]), and staged to fool people that they were real (Shanksville [1] and WTC towers [2]).

    On 9/11 there were two types of "collapses": staged as obvious demolitions (WTC 7 [3]) and staged to fool people that they were real (again the WTC towers, much more explosive. [4]).

    7/11, 2009: Two Types of "Obamas"
    Make no mistake: there will be two fake suicide obombers (5) detonating on 7/11. (6)
    The first "Obama" will participate in the official explosion, the only explosion that was included in the A-Plan, that was to be executed BEFORE the November 2008 "elections": he will explode as "Kenyan" (or more precisely: British), packaged for one group. (7)

    The second Obama will be much more explosive, and was only part of the B-Plan, that will now be carried out: he will blow himself up unofficially as "son of Malcolm X", packaged for the other group. (8)

    What TWO groups are we talking about here?
    For once the answer does not literally return the usual "black and white" paintings produced by Illuminati art. (9)

    While the illuminati media will be selling the official version for the whites, Al Sharpton and the rest of the illuminati agents playing "the race" card will be selling the "Son of Malcom X" version, where "muslim" "Hussein Obama" (10) will ensure that muslims will enter the end times pogroms long before the day they had planned, i.e. the day where, once they would become the majority, they would finally begin exterminating the rest. (11)

    In the Supreme Court the new illuminati actress Sonia Sotomayor will play the role of "trying" to stop "Obama's" impeachment, playing a key role to have "La Raza" joining blacks. (12)

    Meanwhile, to ensure the unity of whites behind the last "F├╝hrer", "conservative" Sarah Palin (13) will join the cabinet of Terminator Hillary Clinton (14), who will be declared the real 44th President (15), i.e. the successor of the actor in the failed role of real "son of Man", GW Bush.

    TWO groups in the LAST train to HELL
    All of the above information were End Times Information Processes (16) running on the background of the last train.
    Well behind planned arrival time (17), after a last stop-over (18) where no beast was able to leave (19), the last train can finally complete the last journey.

    (1) Shanksville, Pentagon and the 9/11 "passengers" ... 11_01.html

    (2) WTC: No Planes - the Core Lie ... -core.html

    (3) WTC 7, 9/11 first terror message, explained last ... essage.htm

    (4) Mini Hydrogen-bombs - The core cover-up of the 9/11 WTC bombs demolition ... up-of.html

    (5) Richard M. Nixon v Barack H. Obama or two fake v the real illuminati suicide bomber, Hillary Clinton ... r-two.html

    (6) GENESIS 2:2 of Illuminati anti-Bible revealed in public by Obama, Saturday night, May 9, 2009 ... y+Obama%22 ... le-by.html
    7/11 = the last day before "the illuminati will force "Christ the impostor" of anti-Bible to rest.

    (7) Steve X, alias Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama for dummies - the 5 basic facts
    http://end-times-reductionism.blogspot. ... alias.html

    (8) Why do the illuminati try to convince you that Steve X (aka Barry Soetoro, aka 44th President Barack Hussein Obama II) is the son of Malcolm X?
    Answer: Anti-Bible of Illuminati Religion is the main reason in A-Plan. Supervised Ethnic Civil War is the main reason in ongoing B-plan. ... 729154/pg1

    (9) For "black and white" illuminati paintings or more precisely for the "black is white, day is night" illuminati agenda, begin by the latest, which happens to be also part of 7/11:
    Why illuminati terminated their icon Michael Jackson - exposed worldwide first

    (10) Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009 - "Obama" as "muslim" "martyr" announcing to the muslim world his suicide bombing, in his Hussein alias Mahdi role, during a remake of the last anti-pope's journey, two weeks earlier

    (11) "Coincidentally" just days before the US supervised ethnic civil war breaks out, what does the begin of Pogroms against the ethnic chinese minority in the chinese "province" of Xinjiang mean?

    (12) Explained immediately after illuminati agent Sonia Sotomayor stepped on stage as Supreme Court Judge:
    HORRIBLE TRUTH about role of Sotomayor in 7/11 events: have Latinos join Blacks in the ETHNIC CIVIL WAR supervised by the illuminati, to be launched following the detonation of suicide Obomber, scripted for 7/11.
    HORRIBLE TRUTH about HORRIBLE TRUTH begins here: Who echoed it? ... +7%2F11%22

    (13) "Paul Palin"'s role in the "End of the USA" script ... l+Palin%22 ... nt-of.html

    (14) End Times "Coincidences"
    As the last face of the last antichrist is FORMALLY unveiled as prophesized by End Time Prophet, two sheep are FORMALLY sacrificed by the Guru of the BIG SECT. The same ritual is used to terminate Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt, who happen to be the greatest cyclist and the grestest athlete ... EVER and FOREVER. ... -ever.html
    Ironically, after the fake BIG PHARMA Syringes used for these two sheep, real Syringes follow, to sacrifice the rest of the sheep. ... ACCINATION ... ation.html

    (15) End Times Irony - June 14, 2009: Shortly before becoming 44th President, fulfilling the Prophecy that so far was used to prove Matt Marriott a false Prophet, Terminator Clinton becomes one of the first to echo one of the End Times Hoaxes exposed by End Times Prophet: ... comes.html

    (16) Five entities in the Process: ... Process%22
    http://end-times-information.blogspot.c ... s-for.html

    (17) ... as-it.html

    (18) ... nomic.html

    (19) MOST HORRIBLE words EVER written but also ... impossible that anything more horrible is written till Final Judgement Day ... beast.html