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Sen. Barbara Boxer


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  • Sen. Barbara Boxer

    First she dresses down a general from the US Army for calling her "ma'am," which is what he was brought up and trained to do. It is actually a courtesy, a sign of respect. Then the incident a couple of days ago when she tried to enter race into a senate hearing about energy just because a black man was taking the questions. ... l-remarks/

    The fact that Senator Boxer is actually a senator illustrates how different the states are. If she lived in any state in the South, the way she treated the general would have doomed her re-election chances, if she ever would have been elected in the first place.

    This is not a political post BTW. This is simply an observation of her character, which is terrible.

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    Your first hint on the strength of her character should have come from the fact that she's a politician.


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      if there were ever signs/indicators that the republic has fallen to irrecoverable lows, one of them has to be that barbra boxer is in the United States senate. Pray for your children, they are certain prey or pray thee have none.
      ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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        enjoy your vacation paul.