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Dr. Henry Louis Gates Arrested Entering His Own Home


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    I'd also like to put im not replying anymore. You're beyond reason or logic. You will also happily hit quote and reply for ever, clearly shown by your 1000 posts since May and i suspect 900+ have been done in the last month.


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      Black people have suffered from discrimination since day one in this country and continue to do so- that's a fact.

      Now THIS case- Until the prof. details exactly what the cops did wrong, every piece on information we have leads me to believe he overeacted.

      Does anyone here believe if the Prof. was calm and helpful he would have been arrested? 1960-maybe, very doubtful in Harvard today.


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        Originally posted by dakota
        This isn't about being black. It's about being spotted breaking down a door. That quote from Gates about it being between a white man and a black man is nonsense. It's between a policeman and a man who was seen breaking down a door. And Gates apparently went off on a diatribe about race instead of explaining he was locked out of his house after flying home from China as part of his work as an academic at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. If this guy is such a great spokesman for so many people how come he has such a hard time explaining who he is to the person who came to make sure that nobody was trying to burgle his house. If this policeman is a scumbag who likes to harass black people I'm sure he can find plenty to harass who aren't the victims of the burglaries he's trying to prevent and who aren't Harvard professors who would rather throw their toys out of their pram, get arrested, and be on the front page of the newspaper, than calmly explain who they are and what is happening, because they've got an inflated ego and a penchant for getting their knickers in a twist. Gates thinks the policeman sees everything on racist terms. The policeman doesn't think that at all. Gates is too dumb to see that actually he's the one who sees everything on racist terms. The thoughts he ascribes to everybody else are actually the thoughts that he is having himself. If he thinks other people are having them more often than not he is wrong but he is definitely having them then transferring or projecting them to others. And no I am not making a generalisation about black people. I am talking about one particular professor of IDENTITY POLITICS. Prove that a professor of identity politics, a deconstructionist literary theorist, sees everything through the prism of race? Are you kidding me? Yet you get a free pass saying that the entire police profession sees everything through the prism of race? How does that work exactly? It seems to me Speedfirst that you need to prove that this particular police officer was racist.
        I never said anyone is racist or even implied that, so I don't have to prove anything. What you need to prove is the accusations you made about the bread and butter and the Harvard graduates being shown how to use race.

        My whole position in commenting in this thread it's not about the police, it's about the comments that are made by you and others. As you can see, I am responding to that. I don't know that officer from Adam and have not placed any judgement on him. But again you have decided to make accusations about Dr. Gates, seperate and apart from this incident.
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          Originally posted by Mikewats
          I'd also like to put im not replying anymore. You're beyond reason or logic. You will also happily hit quote and reply for ever clearly shown by your 1000 posts since May and i suspect 900+ have been done in the last month.
          What you think about me or my number of post, clearly matters not the least bit to me. I'll decide to post when, where and however often I decide, not when you decide for me. You get to decide when you post, I have the same prerogative and I'll exercise that.

          You can run and hide all you want, after making your accusations and simply because it's your opinion, doesn't change how you feel, you rang the bell, can't unring it. Now go run and hide, like you said you would, your conscience must be working on you.
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            too much veiled (and not-so) racism here.... this one's toast, sorry.