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Jumpin' Johnny Green and The Top of the Backboard


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  • Jumpin' Johnny Green and The Top of the Backboard

    Recalling the thread about great leaping and the surrounding apocrypha/truth:

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    Green routinely touched the top of an NBA backboard at 12-foot-6
    Sorry, but that's just hear-say, like all the other stories of great leaping abilities.


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      Well, I'm not sure if the top of the backboard was really only 12 feet 6 inches way back then, but I do know that in recent times (not sure for how long, but at least the last few years) the top of the backboard in the NBA has been exactly 13 feet. Not 12 feet 6.

      Anyway, there is at least one guy that I know of that can routinely touch higher than 12 feet 6 inches.

      James White.

      Want video evidence?

      No problem. Here's him getting all the way up to 12 feet 10 inches on the final jump attempt of this video:

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