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    Originally posted by SQUACKEE
    Originally posted by mojo
    Check out the guys on the IAAF site.

    I have had the pleasure and honour of sitting at two meets with these guys and what you see is what you get.
    I fell in love with them instantly and though I hate to share them with the world I am damn proud of them:

    Click on Fun Stuff to see their daily reports.

    Keep it up you two...oh wait let me rephrase that..... :wink:
    Supa Sthazz! Before i die i have to hang with these brothers!
    And their sister! :twisted:


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      That's great!! Love it.


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        Originally posted by mump boy
        ...thez were going to send a car to the stadium for us but it was going to be 30 mins so GH very kindly came to our rescue and gave us a lift...
        Wow, you guys are either die-hard ( I emphasize die) athletic fans or really brave, not sure which, for taking a lift from a crotchety old california driver?!?! :shock: :wink:

        Great stuff, keep it coming. 8-)


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          I don't drive; i have a driver, the lovely Miss Monica (in its infinite wisdom, the IAAF doesn't want the announcing staff to get hung up in a bus somewhere stuck in traffic).

          She's honing her colloquial English skills by reading Harry Potter again, so we've renumbered the car from 76 to 9¾ and call it The Hogwarts Express.


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            Guys - great job. Video is great!

            What was Marlies like?!


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              Forgot to mention: add to the forum posters I met in Berlin, albeit for 20 seconds while running for my car after the meet on the rainstrom night, Powell.

              My apologies for not being able to stand and chat.


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                Mump/Flump, why didn't you get Chrissy Darling to do your make-up before you went on camera? She'd have made you up 'proper nice'.



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                  Maybe, but she certainly couldn't have improved on the hair!


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                    because the hair was perfect as it was, and impossible to improve, right, gh, ????


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                      Mojo I hope you liked your shout out!!!


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                        When I first saw the thread title I thought the rest of the sentence would be

                        " a relationship"
                        The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14


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                          yup, a twin brother is a type of relationship, you old fool.


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                            Old fool huh? :lol:

                            I was only commenting on what came to my mind when I saw the thread title and you got all mottled...LMBO :lol:

                            Besides...twin brothers is a type of relationship and I'm confident it stops there.
                            The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14


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                              oh td, if only your IQ was as high as your weight...


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                                Very clever, cacique. :roll:

                                Who says repeating 3rd grade (twice) was a waste of your time?

                                I will digress and discontinue the hijacking of this thread.
                                The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14