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Is harassment permitted on these boards?


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    If you project like that for more than four hours, you should consult a doctor.


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      Originally posted by kuha
      If you project like that for more than four hours, you should consult a doctor.

      Isn't that the naked guy from "Watchmen"--? Here we go again...

      [*JUST* kidding. Honest.]


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        Originally posted by eldrick
        i can't see the problem

        malmo occasionally makes some provocative posts in this forum ( & with kennedy he has a good point - the american people woudn't elect him president because of chappaquidick - they never forgot or forgave him in potential presidency years of the '80s ) & if you disagree with him, argue with him, not ban him from here

        banning him from this forum makes no sense at all - it imples everything he posts about non-athletics subjects is indefensible, untenable & distorted - it's not
        Malmo is banned from this forum for the same reason you have have on multiple occasions been banned in toto: for being unremittingly argumentative and contentious and disgregarding elemental rules of acceptable behavior. You of all people should recognize this slippery slope.

        I've let this thing run for a couple of days to get everybody get it out of their system, but now we're at the end.

        Do I consider a single PM to be "harassment"? Absolutely not. Particularly when it contains one minor "expletive" that can now be heard on basic television. Were there a string of such things, the mods would expect the offended party to notify us so we could take appropriate action against the miscreant.

        In this case, I commend jazz for having the good taste to take his spot-on complaint offline rather than making a public spectacle. Particularly because we take a dim view of those who try to play cop on the forums themselves.

        Since I know of no mechanism for banning somebody from a single forum, all I can do is hold the threat of an overall ban for those (few) who have received single-forum bans. Malmo, you're not welcome on this forum, plain and simple. This most recent action shows that you just don't pack the gears to maintain ongoing civil discourse.

        I can't make it much plainer than that.