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  • Time Travelers Wife

    Grrrooaannn. Ok, is it just me or is this one of (the?) worst movies in a long time? (forever?)
    I don't mean B movies or C movies or however they are rated which have lousy acting, dialog and plots (if any).
    I mean a first run, high production quality, highly promoted, beautiful people ,which is so convoluted and seemingly tries to mesh realism with a far-fetched sci-fi "disease". Even my viewing companion, a suckerette for chick-flicks, who inveigled me into seeing it was squirming and apologetic.
    I don't mind sci-fi, comic effects ghosts or time-travel movies with no pretense of realism but this was the longest 90 minute movie I can remember ever enduring.
    Just my reaction. If you enjoyed it, lucky you.

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    Thanks for the tip. I learned a new word, "inveigle:

    1. To win over by coaxing, flattery, or artful talk. See Synonyms at lure.
    2. To obtain by cajolery"

    Read "Replay", by Ken Grimwood, a pretty good time travel book a friend recommended, all about choice and/or sometimes lack thereof. It could be made into a good movie.


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      So were you coaxed, flattered, or cajoled? Too bad "seduced" is not one of the definitions.


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        Did you see The Lake House? Same problem. The logic falls apart about 5 minutes into the movie. Then the 'love story' seems rather irrelevant because you're so annoyed at the plot.

        But . . . the 75WMR said:

        The plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but fortunately it’s all about love, so I guess it’s not supposed to! Just like the randomly time-traveling protagonist, we have no control over it either, so the whole thing makes perfect sense in its own illogical way. It’s a charming tale, albeit rather tear-jerkingly so. You’ll laugh and cry and nod your head knowingly, which is not a bad way to spend two hours with a movie.
        so there ya go! :P


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          Yeah, to each his own. Maybe I over-reacted. It is just a movie.

          PS: Trust Marlow to skillfully damn with faint praise.