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ban qatar and bahrain!!!!!!!!!


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  • Originally posted by TrackDaddy
    Originally posted by Marlow
    Originally posted by guruof track
    So the Wisemen didn't give baby Jesus gifts??? :roll:
    Yes, they did (according to the Gospels), but that did not start the tradition of gift-giving.
    But MANY Christians use it as justification for doing so today.
    Doubt it. 99.9% of people who do the gift thing, do it because it's a Christmas tradition (. . . starting in the Middle Ages by . . . etc.)


    • marlow, you'll be sorry when i'm gone. you will miss me, i know it!!!

      if only it were:

      Originally posted by TrackDaddy
      i can't post to these boards anymore!!
      then, these boards would be so much more erudite, intelligent, sophisticated and readable!!!!!!



      • [quote=TrackDaddy]
        Originally posted by bad hammy
        Originally posted by TrackDaddy
        Originally posted by "bad hammy":3n7ahla6
        Originally posted by TrackDaddy
        Wasn't baby Jesus also brought gifts?
        I guess Jesus was good that year - it is one of Santa's criteria . . .
        So besides being real, Santa is over 2000 years old?
        Sure, at 2000+ years old he is a bit older than most. Since only seven of those bible guys passed 900 years, I can see where you might think 2000 a stretch . . .
        But Santa isnt a "Bible guy."[/quote:3n7ahla6]
        Neither is bad hammy . . .


        • Originally posted by bad hammy
          Originally posted by TrackDaddy
          But Santa isnt a "Bible guy."
          Neither is bad hammy . . .
          I gathered as much.
          The fool has said...there is no God. Psa 14


          • did you all see this headline on the frontpage?

            Rudisha: Following in the footsteps of Konchellah and Kipketer?

   ... 54336.html

            i thought they meant he was going to defect too...

            (trying to rescue this thread from the silliness that it deteriorated to)