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Sweet deals you missed...


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  • Sweet deals you missed...

    On another thread posters are lamenting about instruments that got sold for almost nothing that would be worth a small fortune now.

    Makes ya think about windows of opportunity that slammed shut while you were clueless.

    Like for instance:
    In high school in the 1960's one of my friends was the daughter of a big enchilada exec at Fender... there were Stratocasters all over the house. Any of us who had thought to ask could have had one at cost. I never played guitar but in hindsight I still recognize a squandered investment opp.

    And when I was a kid I had a Mad Magazine #1 original edition. I think I traded it at the comic store in a "5 old ones for one new" comic deal.

    Then there was my first car - a '55 Chevy Bel-Air two-door V-8 that I sold in college for $150. Ugh...

    That's not even considering the 3 acres plus of citrus zoned for half acre residential lots in Southern California that I could have bought for $73,000 and the owner would have financed me...

    If only we knew then, eh?

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    Suspect many of us had shoeboxes full of baseball cards that mom chucked the day we left for college (not that I can recall anything from the yers that I collected that would be over-the-top valuable today).

    I had a No. 1s of both Fantastic 4 and Spiderman, but my little sister gave those away when I was in school.


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      Original transformer toys. The Star Wars ones I took out of the box and played with. The box of original, SIGNED (by all 4) Beatles '45s and photos that was nicked by removal men. There may even have been Quarrymen stuff in there. *goes to lie down in a darkened room*